Southern Urban Reuse Project (SURP)


The Southern Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant and Reuse Project (SURP) provides an alternate route for the transfer of treated wastewater from Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant to Aldinga Wastewater Treatment Plant. The treated water is provided to local irrigators in the McClaren Vale wine region and to a new 8000-house development at Seaford Meadows as part of a dual reticulation system.

Project scope

The works included:

  • Transfer System Pipeline—construction of 33 km of DN375 PVC pipelines within residential and business areas.
  • SURP Reuse Plant, Aldinga—construction of a 900 ML storage balance pond, two pump stations, a chlorination disinfection system and connecting pipework that included mild steel pipe suction system and DN300 PVC rising main.
  • SURP Wastewater Treatment Plant, Aldinga—mechanical and electrical works including construction of three pump stations and connecting pipework within the Aldinga WWTP site and installation of associated electrical and controls infrastructure. A new water treatment plant was constructed housing membrane filtration, UV disinfection systems, new controls, laboratory facilities and hydrochlorite chemical storage and dosing systems.
  • construction of three lined and covered storage balance ponds (one 2.5 ML and two 5 ML), interconnecting pipework, new sealed roads, drainage and street lighting infrastructure to accommodate the M&E Works.

The project required engagement with  50 key stakeholders including SA Government departments, the City of Onkaparinga Council, United Water,  subdivision developers for Seaford Meadows, landowners, commercial and industrial businesses; community groups; farmers and Willunga Basin Water.


Carefully staged commissioning ensured that completed infrastructure was available for community use while other packages were still under construction.

Leed’s cooperative, outcome-oriented approach ensured the challenging deadlines were achieved.

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